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Track Pack 2

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An ideal starting point to building a new layout or expanding a starter trainset, Hornby’s new TT:120 Track Packs offer a ready-to-build layout in one box. Buy now from the Key Model World Shop for £36.99.

The perfect way to start in TT:120, Hornby’s track packs allow an interesting layout to be quickly and easily assembled in 5 stages. Track Extension Pack 2 contains 12 track sections intended to add a long second siding and the start of a second radius inner loop to the track supplied in Hornby’s TT:120 scale trainsets and extension pack 1.

The track included with TT8031 is fully compatible with Hornby’s proprietary TT:120 track and trainsets, featuring code 80 nickel silver rails pre-fitted rail joiners. Included in the set are six second radius curves (TT8004), one 6th radius curve (TT8007), one right-hand point (TT8009), three straight track sections (TT8002) and one buffer stop (TT8010).

Significantly increasing the operational interest of a starter layout, this track pack is the idea first stage in expanding your TT:120 scale journey.

Product highlights include:

  • Track pack 2

  • 6 x TT8004, 1 x TT8007, 1 x TT8009, 3 x TT8002, 1 x TT8010

  • Nickle silver code 80 rails

  • Pre-drilled holes for track pins

  • Compatible with Hornby TT:120 trainsets and other brands of track

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