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21T Mineral Wagon B312249 - Era 5

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The continued need to transport bulk minerals lead British Railways to design steel bodied wagons that became ubiquitous. Hornby’s growing range of TT:120 scale freight rolling stock continues to grow and the new 21-ton wagon suitable to any model railway, large or small. Available to buy now from the Key Model World Shop.

Originating as a standardised design for new steel-bodied mineral wagons in the early 1950s, the 21-ton open wagon replaced ageing wooden-plank wagons with a modern high-capacity replacement. Later classified as MDV in the mid-1960s, the 21-ton could be seen across the UK to transport all types of mineral from domestic coal to aggregates into the 1970s.

Hornby’s new TT:120 21-ton open wagon includes this example decorated in bauxite red as B312249. The model features a detailed underframe, with plain axle boxes, two side drop doors and one end unloading door denoted by the diagonal white stripe. The British Rail TOPS code of MDV on the wagon denotes this as a later 1960s 21-ton for eras 5/6.

A versatile and widespread prototype, no TT:120 scale model railway depicting the 1960s British Railways period can be without bauxite freight rolling stock. Appropriate for use in any freight train or goods yard shunting puzzle, the 21-ton mineral wagon is a key item of rolling stock for TT:120.

Product highlights include:

  • 21-Ton MDV Mineral Wagon B312249 in BR Bauxite

  • NEM standard removable couplings

  • Turned metal wheels

  • High detail moulded underframe

  • Wide appeal and universal operation for layouts of the 1960s and 1970s (eras 5/6)

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