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Airbrush Starter Bundle

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If you want to start out in airbrushing, we’ve done the hardwork and gathered together the equipment you need based on our experiences. This Key Model World Shop bundle contains a Sparmax MAX-4 airbrush, ARISM compressor, cleaning pot and extractor.

This new bundle for the Key Model World Shop offers a one-stop shop to get set up for airbrushing, whether you are looking to paint or weather models, this starter kit is ideal for beginners through to professionals and for all modelling disciplines.

The bundle contains:
- Sparmax ARISM compressor with automatic on/off switch
- Sparmax MAX-4 Airbrush with 0.4mm nozzle and needle combination
- Sparmax Silver Bullet Moisture Trap to remove water before it reaches your airbrush
- Sparmax Cleaning Pot with built in airbrush holder
- Sparmax SB-88 Spray Booth and extractor with rotation plate
- Medea 118ml airbrush cleaner

The Sparmax MAX-4 is a dual-action airbrush with a single-action valve included. It has a gravity-feed 7ml fixed cup with lid, 0.4mm needle and nozzle combination, 0.4mm to 25mm spray pattern, ergonomic handle, extra crown cap and cleaning brush included. It also has replaceable internal PTFE solvent-proof needle packing for use with solvent-based paints and comes with a five-year warranty.

The Sparmax ARISM compressor is aimed at the enthusiast market and offers a compact, but powerful and light-weight compressor for airbrushing. The compressor automatically turns on when you press the airbrush trigger providing instant air and turns off when not in use.
Features of the ARISM compressor include a low maintenance, oil-less single piston compressor, working pressure from 0-35psi, airbrush bleed value, moisture trap, 2m braided hose, airbrush holder, detachable power cord and plug, pressure gauge and a 1/8 BSP outlet on the compressor.
Its dimensions are 19.2cm x 12cm x 18.5cm and it operates from a standard mains 240v socket.

The Sparmax Cleaning Pot is an airbrushing essential which the Key Model World and Hornby Magazine team use in every project. The cleaning pot is both an airbrush holder and cleaning point and allows users to spray excess colour and cleaning into the pot, eliminating overspray.
The pot is packaged inside a protective plastic container which can used to store the pot and its accessories when not in use. Features include a 250cc glass jar with handle, durable lid and two extra filters.

Completing the bundle is a Sparmax SB-88 Spray Booth and extractor. When you use an airbrush, paint particles atomise and vapour into the air and even when using water-based paints, these should not end up in your lungs. The Sparmax SB-88 Spray Booth prevents that by drawing paint vapours and particles through a filer and expelling them outdoors through a flexible pipe. It is not designed for use with solvent based paints.
The spray booth is light-weight and easy to assemble. It comes a flat pack kit and can be assembled within 30 minutes. The fan system draws in overspray and vents the emissions outside through a dual filter system. The booth also comes with a very useful 360-degree rotating turntable plate which allows you to spray on all sides of a model without having to handle it.

The specification for the SB-88 Spray Booth includes:
- Noise level 62db
- Size 515mm x 310mm x 400mm (depth 550mm including fan unit)
- Weight 6.0kgs
- Turntable plate 250mm
- Powerful and quick fume suction
- Durable and flexible round exhaust hose
- Four replacement filters – two large, two small
- 65watt, 50HZ exhaust fan
- Exhaust airflow 62CFM-68CFM

This bundle is available to buy now from the Key Model World Shop.

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