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Buffer Stop

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Original price £2.99
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SKU TT8010

A realistic and functional detail, Hornby’s new TT:120 setrack buffer stop is vital for the end of a siding. Buy now from the Key Model World Shop for £2.99.

A critical safety feature to prevent trains overrunning the end of a section of track, a buffer stop is equally important on a model railway for track at the end of a siding, shed or station. 

The Hornby TT8010 buffer stop is designed as a typical rail-built buffer stop found across the railway network. Moulded in black plastic, the set of buffers securely clips into proprietary TT:120 track to ensure an errant locomotive or piece of rolling stock does not overrun the end of a layout.

Fully compatible with track included with Hornby’s TT:120 trainsets and any developing TT:120 model railway, this buffer stop is a vital component for a layout.

Product highlights include:

  • Functional protection for the end of a siding

  • Realistically moulded with raise bolt detail

  • Compatible with Hornby TT:120 trainsets and other brands of track

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