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Coupling Assemblies (Pack 10)

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An important accessory for use with Hornby’s growing range of TT:120 scale locomotives and rolling stock, having spare couplings is vital for every model railway. Buy now from the Key Model World Shop for £12.99.

All locomotives and rolling stock offered by Hornby in their growing TT:120 scale range feature removable couplings and having spare couplings available is important to keep trains running reliably. 

Clipping securely into pockets on all items of rolling stock and locomotives, Hornby’s TT8040 provides 10 spare couplings that offer dependable coupling between stock with the ability to uncouple hands-free with the TT8013 uncoupling ramp.

Whether damage occurs to a coupling supplied attached to a piece of stock, this pack of 10 NEM standard removable couplings are a vital accessory for any beginner or established modeller alike in TT:120.

Product highlights include:

  • Reliable couplings specifically designed for TT:120 scale

  • User-friendly accessory

  • Designed for fitment to all Hornby TT:120 locomotives and rolling stock

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