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DCC Track Turnout Clip

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Original price £4.99
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An important accessory to make full use of Digital Command Control, the new Hornby TT:120 DCC track Turnout Clip makes getting trains running quick and easy.  Buy now from the Key Model World Shop for £4.99.

One of the main benefits to DCC is that locomotives can be controlled independently without isolated sections of track. In order to make a layout wired ‘live’ for digital control, each insulated point needs bridging which is where these new Hornby TT:120 turnout clips are ideal. 

Supplied in a pack of 20, TT8035 DCC Track Turnout Clips fit directly onto Hornby TT:120 scale code 80 setrack points to make all three routes from the turnout electrically live. A significant benefit to DCC, the clips can also be carefully used on analogue control to bridge power to particular sidings or sections of track.

Perfect for any temporary or permanent Digital TT:120 scale layout, these turnout clips are a handy accessory to gain full control of DCC locomotives without the need for fixed wiring or additional track feeds.

Product highlights include:

  • Pack of 20 to equip 10 turnouts

  • User-friendly accessory ideal for DCC

  • Compatible with Hornby TT:120 trainsets and other brands of track

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