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GWR Mk3 Trailer Standard Open 42299 - Era 11

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Hornby’s range of TT:120 scale passenger rolling stock continues to develop with the addition of essential HST Mk3 carriages. Bringing the HST story up to date is the clean GWR livery of the mid-2010s, the new Mk3 range is a must for modern image modellers.

The British Rail Mk3 formed a new generation of carriage design that revolutionized train travel in the UK and remains in service to this day. Delivered in HST (Mk3) and loco-hauled (Mk3a) variants, the new carriages included advanced systems for suspension, braking and air conditioning. Entering into service in 1975, the Mk3s are synonymous with the ground breaking Class 43 HSTs which operated in sets of between six and nine Mk3s.

The all-new Hornby TT:120 Mk3 range includes the commonplace Trailer Standard Open (TSO) as 42299 in the distinctive two-tone green livery applied to GWR HSTs from 2015. Accurately featuring flush tinted glazing, the new Mk3 TSO includes a fully detailed interior and realistic gloss green painted finish, recreating a popular present day HST scheme.

Intended to run with Hornby’s impressive class 43 HST power cars also carrying GWR green (TT3023M/TT3023TXSM), five identities of TSO are offered to easily complete a prototypical GWR HST rake of eight Mk3s. With few trains as iconic as the HST, replicating a full set is straightforward and a must for any modern image (era 10) TT:120 scale layout.

Product highlights include:

  • GWR green Mk3 Trailer Standard Open 42299

  • Kinematic couplings for reliable running

  • Fine detail and accurate printed decoration

  • Five running numbers available (TT4031/A/B/C/D)

An icon of British Rail for any TT:120 layout for the present day (eras 10/11)

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