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Half Curve - 1st Radius

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An ideal starting point to building a new layout, Hornby’s new TT:120 setrack system is ready to lay and features different radii of curves to suit any space. Buy now from the Key Model World Shop for £3.49.

Fully compatible with track included with Hornby’s TT:120 trainsets, this 1st radius half curve is designed to expand starter sets and track packs also offered. While the sharpest curvature of the Hornby TT:120 track system, all rolling stock and locomotives offered in the scale will operate on the radii, meaning it is ideal for expanding smaller starter layouts.

The TT8014 1st radius half curve matches Hornby’s setrack system and features the same realistic wooden-effect sleepers with pre-drilled holes for track pins. The curve track section follows a 15-degree curve and consists of code 80 rail with pre-fitted rail joiners.

An ideal expansion for a starter train set to complete a small section of a curve or a new layout in a small space, a 1st radius half curve is an important addition to a model railway in TT:120 scale.

Product highlights include:

  • 267mm length and 1st radius curvature

  • Nickle silver code 80 rails

  • Moulded wood-effect sleepers

  • Pre-drilled holes for track pins

  • Compatible with Hornby TT:120 trainsets and other brands of track

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