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How to Paint Fantasy Figures

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How to Paint Fantasy Figures Book

The new trends in the world of figure painting mean that fantasy figures are becoming more and more important in the preferences of the general public. Role-playing games use metal and plastic pieces to make up armies that the enthusiast has to paint and is becoming ever more demanding with respect to the quality of the final results. This book, throughout its 62 pages, shows the steps required in order to obtain adequate results by employing basic painting techniques and how to create special effects with the use of advanced techniques that will make the figures more attractive and help to set them in a specific scene. One clear example of this is the sorcerer figure with the lights from above and below, as if it were illuminated by volcano lava.

Due to its content, this publication is essential, not only for fantasy fans, but also for historical figure painters. Really amazing techniques are outlined in the book that can be applied to any type of figure.

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