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Pre-Order BR Duchess 46234 Duchess of Abercorn sound Era 5

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Hornby’s new LMS Princess Coronation is an impressive addition to the developing world of TT:120 scale. Accurately replicating Stanier’s most powerful steam locomotive design and now with sound, Duchess of Abercorn’ is the perfect addition to any TT:120 model railway. Buy now from the Key Model World Shop.

Pre-order today from the Key Model World Shop with a £1 deposit and our customer services team will contact when the model arrives in stock to collect the balance.

Recognised as the pinnacle of express passenger locomotive design, the Princess Coronation Pacifics were designed by Sir William Stanier for the LMS to haul the heaviest trains unaided up the West Coast Mainline. Built in batches, the first of the 38-strong class entered service in 1937 and featured many design differences, most visibly with 23 carrying distinctive ‘bathtub’ streamlined casings, before all appeared in a conventional form under BR.

Hornby’s three initial releases of the LMS Coronation Pacifics depict the powerful lines of the non-streamlined examples, including the late BR guise of 46234 ‘Duchess of Abercorn’ in lined British Railways green with factory-fitted Bluetooth TXS sound (TT3012TXSM).

The model accurately replicates the class right down to minute detail differences, including double chimney, full running plate and smoke deflectors. Internally, the Duchess features a Next18 DCC sound decoder in the tender, pre-fitted 15mm x 11mm cube speaker and powerful 3-pole motor. Suitable for the late-1950s and early 1960s (era 5), ‘Duchess of Abercorn’ is an eye-catching addition to any TT:120 model railway alongside Hornby’s Period III and Mk1 ranges of carriages.

Product highlights include:

  • 46234 ‘Duchess of Abercorn’ in BR late crest lined green

  • DCC fitted with Triplex Sound (TXS) Bluetooth Next18 decoder

  • Factory fitted 15mm x 11mm cube speaker for high quality sound delivery

  • NEM standard couplings

  • Imposing locomotive ideal for any layout set between 1957 and 1963 (era 5)

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