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Pullman Third Class Brake No. 65 with Lights - Era 3

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Pullman cars form an exciting addition to Hornby’s growing range of TT:120 scale rolling stock. A perfect expansion for all modellers, these stunning carriages recreate the glamour of luxury rail travel. Buy now from the Key Model World Shop for £48.99 (RRP £53.49).

With operations beginning in 1874, carriages built by the Pullman Car Company introduced a new level of opulence to rail travel in North America and the UK. The epitome of luxury rail travel, Pullman cars featured rich interior furnishings, sophisticated dining and a stand-out umber and cream livery.

Hornby’s Pullman Brake Third is based on a 1930s ‘K-Type’ diagram with wooden chassis. Third class cars carried numbers rather than names, with the Brake baring ‘Car No. 65’, but it still features a high specification finish with full interior detail, curtains, elaborate crests and even working table lamps. Car 65 is accurate as a car operating on the LNER’s East Coast Mainline in the 1930s (eras 2/3) but was also later found on the Southern region.

An unrivalled addition to invoke the Golden Age of rail travel in Britain, this additional Pullman brake car is a perfect expansion for both Hornby’s TT:120 The Scotsman trainset and companion to the growing range of express passenger locomotives. With two identities available, Car No. 65 is sure to complete any TT:120 Pullman train from the 1920s through to the British Railways era.

Product highlights include:

  • Pullman Third Brake ‘Car No. 65’ in Umber and Cream

  • Kinematic couplings realism and reliable running

  • Working table lamps

  • Fine detail and accurate printed decoration

  • A vital addition to any Pullman train with two different identities available

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