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DB Schenker Class 08 0-6-0 08623 - Era 10

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Hornby’s class 08 0-6-0 diesel shunter is an ideal small locomotive to expand or start modelling in TT:120 scale. Accurately replicating the workhorse of Britain’s freight yards, this compact diesel shunter is perfect for a modern image layout of any size. Buy now from the Key Model World Shop for £124.99 (RRP £136.99).

Recognised as one of the most reliable diesel shunters constructed, the class 08 was a British Railways development of an LMS design with 996 of these successful locomotives constructed between 1952 and 1962. A common sight in yards and sidings to this day, the number of preserved Class 08s almost outnumbers those currently in mainline service.

Built in 1957, 08623 now carries DB Schenker’s eye-catching red and grey livery, as replicated by Hornby's 'TT:120' model. Perfect for any layout set from the 2010 onwards (eras 10/11), 08623 is highly detailed with fine coupling rods and etched metal detailing, and the perfect companion for modern image freight stock, TTA tank wagons and class 66 currently in development by Hornby. The locomotive features a 6-pin decoder socket, making it a simple upgrade to digital control with Hornby Triplex Sound Bluetooth decoders or other decoders. 

Product highlights include:

  • BR Class 08 0-6-0 diesel shunter 08623 in DB Schenker red

  • DCC ready with a 6-pin decoder socket

  • NEM standard couplings

  • Designed for operation down to Radius 1

  • Ideal compact locomotive suitable for any layout of the 2010s

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