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HM7000-8TXS Bluetooth and DCC Sound Decoder 8-pin

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The Hornby Triplex Sound Bluetooth decoders are a revolution in model railway control. They take power through the locomotive from the rails, but commands are sent from the Hornby HM|DCC app via Bluetooth.

The HM7000-8TXS Bluetooth DCC sound decoder employs an 8-pin interface to make it simple to connect to locomotives in 'OO' gauge with a corresponding socket. Its overall dimensions are 28.5mm x 14mm x 5mm, plus the 8-pin harness and plug. 

The decoder is designed to supply 1000mA continuous load to the main motor and a peak demand of 1500mA. Making it highly suitable for most 'OO' and 'HO' scale locomotives.

Each decoder comes with a 15mm x 11mm cube speaker and a set of optional plastic baffles on a sprue which allows a suite of optional enclosure which can be assembled to suit difference locomotives.

The speaker has a plug connection to the decoder meaning no soldering is required to install a Hornby Triplex Sound (TXS) chip.

Product highlights include:

- 28.5mm x 14mm x 5mm overall size
- 15mm x 11mm cube speaker included
- Plastic speaker enclosure sprue
- Drive from the HM|DCC app
- Free app download for smartphones and tablets from the Apple store or Google Play
- Bluetooth control for reliable operation
- Upload any of the 30+ sound files available in the app
- Plays up to three sounds at once
- Realistic sound profiles for steam and diesel locomotives
- Drive from a standard DCC command station

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