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Power Connecting Clip

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Original price £5.49
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Connecting the track of a model railway to a power output is just as vital as the locomotives themselves and Hornby’s new TT:120 power connecting clip makes getting trains running quick and simple.  Buy now from the Key Model World Shop for £5.49.

Widely used in model railways and supplied in trainsets, power clips are a flexible way to connect the power supplied by a transformer or DC controller directly to the track of a layout, without the need for a fixed power track section.

With two locating tabs holding the copper power terminals, the Hornby TT8028 secures under the rails of Hornby’s TT:120 scale setrack with ease, while the clip is supplied pre-wired with two cables rated for DC power control, allowing any size of model railway to be connected up quickly and without the need for more advanced soldering skills or permanent wiring.

Fully compatible with Hornby’s range of TT:120 fixed geometry track, the power clip is ideal for expanding a starter train set with a second controller, powering Hornby’s track mat expansion design or for a new layout from scratch.

Product highlights include:

  • Pre-wired power clip with two copper wires

  • User-friendly power connections for DC control

  • Compatible with Hornby TT:120 trainsets and other brands of track

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