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Scorpion 3D Printed FV101-1:76 OO Scale Tank Kit

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FV101 Scorpion CVR(T) 1:76 scale 3D printed kit

A new 3D printed 1:76 scale model of the British army Scorpion CVR(T) has joined the Key Publishing exclusives collection suitable for ‘OO’ gauge model railways. Order now for immediate despatch for £11.99.

The FV101 Scorpion armoured reconnaissance vehicle has joined the Key Publishing Exclusive collection with the arrival of a new 3D-printed 1:76 scale kits from PJM Models, at the Key Model World Shop.

Designed by Alvis in response to a requirement for Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked), which was commonly abbreviated to CVR(T), the vehicles were introduced by the British Army in the early 1970s with active service beginning in 1973 for the Scorpion. They were also used by the RAF Regiment between 1981-1992 and RAF EOD teams. They were designed to be air transportable and 3,000 FV101 Scorpions were built.

The last British Army Scorpions, which were equipped with a 76mm L23A1 gun, were retired in 1994.

The new 3D printed kits comprise four main parts – a single-piece hull, two handed track runs (with the drive sprocket at the front) and turret – with the barrel in each case supplied in brass. That for the Scorpion is a single part.

The kits can be assembled quickly and easily using superglue. In addition, locating pins for the tracks mean that they will not fit on the wrong side.

Assembly of the kit can be completed in around 15 minutes before painting and once complete they make ideal loads for ‘OO’ gauge military trains formed of Warwell and Warflat wagons. They can also be used as the basis for a diorama for scale modelling military scenes.

They are in stock and available to buy now.

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